KILLcRey (kill-see-ray) v.


I’m pretty convinced I’m on to something. Every morning… almost… preferably when the sun is out, I assume the following routine”

– wake up, immediately drink water.

– stretch. Nothing fancy here. Loosen the leg muscles and back. Get blood flowing. (*Note: I am usually not motivated at this time, nor do I feel tremendously happy- just push through).

– Pack a bowl or roll a joint. Usually, whatever is available. It can be tedious if I have to roll. I’m not good. This is a necessary step in THIS process. Sorry if you don’t smoke. (*Note: I’m usually still not feeling great but at this point I know that the treat is about to come so I’m not trippin).

Go outside. Give thanks. Thanks for whatever is going great and all the real lessons in the things that are not. I ask for the grace and knowledge to utilize everything that I am. To understand everything I deserve. “Bless” the weed. As in give thanx and ask for a meaningful experience. (*Note: I am not religious, fyi).

– Smoke. Try to clear my mind. Stopping myself if I start to dwell on ANYTHING. Focusing on my dogs or anything in nature seems to work really well. Try to get lost in something beautiful right in front of you. Get high. Again, sorry if you don’t smoke. The mental lubrication begins. All smokers know the place. It’s right around the time the weed forces you to see the HD picture of life. I feel good.

– Begin meditation. Make sure I’m sitting in the sun. Important. You need to feel a force much greater than yourself, in a tangible way. It has to touch you. Tell yourself your “ready”. Again, important! Say it to yourself, or out loud, your brain doesn’t know the difference. But, you do need to activate the part of your brain that responds to the question, “are you ready”? Again, important! Your body and brain will have an involuntary response, and they will be placed into a state that is standing by to receive info. Fuckin dope. Now the hardest part. In your head, begin to ask for the answers to your problems. Describe the problems in detail, as well as, what you can’t figure out. Tell yourself (really), “DON’T LIE OR EMBELLISH”. Your brain will know everytime your not being honest about and the weed will help your body feel the lie. You’ll identify it right away. It doesn’t feel good. It’ll happen a lot when you first start. It gets better and better though. The conversations with God, the universe, whatever, get quicker and more straight to the point over time.


It’s the best thing I do. EVERY idea, this year, that I have received from this practice I have, acted on. ALL OF THEM. They’re all out in the world. You can find them all. Its undefeated.

Why it works for me, exactly, is still “magic” to me. But, it seems like the steps are logical to, at the very least, keep you focused, especially if you are chasing a passion. The routine, the ceremony, the commitment seem to really stitch the idea of solving your issues to your brain. I’m kind of addicted to it. Hack for sure.

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