KILLcRey (kill-see-ray) v.

Now that that’s over…

I’m not gonna lie… I go numb during the holidays. Not cause I long for a better time or I don’t believe in the spirit of the days that culminate our year. I think, part of me can be easily overwhelmed by the amount of emotion that pours out during the last few months of the twelve. I tend to simmer at a higher sensitivity to people’s emotions. I have definitely come to accept that wiring in myself. Thus, it’s usually never not painful or, at the very least, severely uncomfortable when emotions are being dumped at such a high rate as they are during the holidays. This year especially, right? I used to feel guilty about not feeling more festive. I don’t anymore. There is no rule that says we need to celebrate and be grateful on the same schedule. That would be silly. I batten down the hatches during the end of the year so I can assure my new year’s day is one of self balance. It works for me. I’m back now. I hope you enjoyed yours.

Ended my day 1 with a walk… you know how I do.

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