KILLcRey (kill-see-ray) v.

In my phone notes…

Even when the light bleeds through through the cracks in your heart And the days get remembered thought the art / memories are pieces of the whole and faces come and go cause I always finish thoughts when they start/ even to my downfall im down y’all, I chill with the same and my friends rarely have new names/ haven’t seen a birthday or a wake in a very long time but I’m always down to ride for your pain/ I might have had a plan though try to understand- so- maybe you can tell me where the fuck I should have been/ forever on the road all alone and im worried bout yall and I always pay for every single sin/ believe I know my penance I do not defend it -one bad song bad quote could always end it/ so hard to be enough, stay sane, know the names, never change but the games so fake you pretend it/ everyones a forced smile – so we talk for awhile and remember how things use to be/ I never knew a man who stayed happy after giving up his art so you trippin if you think it’ll be me/ I’ll never wait in line never steal no shine l give two shits about rappin for respect/ you’ll respect my grind i’ll respect yo time and please check the mail cause I’m sending home the checks/

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